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It's been years in anticipation, but the end product is spectacular. This article will leave you exhilerated and reassure any doubts you have in the quality and attentiveness given to supplement manufacturing. There is one thing that remains definitive in this inconsistent industry: you can trust Reflex Nutrition. 100%.

From this point on, I'll let Reflex's very own karl Schwick take it away. Without further ado...

Over the last 4 years, Reflex Nutrition been working towards the move to our new manufacturing and distribution site. The first phase was finding a site and getting suitable planning permission, which sounds simple enough in theory but in practice is not always straight forward. Planning permission was granted in August 2010, however due to complications we didn’t start building on the site until March 2011. 

The intention was to have the move completed by the end of 2011 to start the new year in our new home, we just about managed to keep to this time line. The move took place in the back end of December and required us to close the business for 2 two days during the move. It certainly wasn’t an easy process but there weren’t too many issues during the process over and above the sheer amount materials as well as existing manufacturing machinery to move. 

First Shoot – Woodingdean Site, ariel view

Reflex factory 4


The new site is split into 4 separate buildings. The main building on the right of the image is the headquarters and houses the offices, manufacturing facility and distribution centre. On the image you can see on the main roof what look to be square rivets, these are in fact solar collectors. The solar collectors magnify the natural light into the building to reduce the need for lighting during the day. Combined with the glass front means lighting is used only on overcast days or when the sunsets, meaning our use of energy is reduced. 

As you should notice as one of the main features of the image is the wind turbine. At our old site, we sourced our energy via a green energy provider called Ecotricity. Whilst the new site still uses Ecotricity, the wind turbine is taking our emphasis on being a carbon concision company to the next level. Whilst the recent spate of bad weather has not been enjoyable, on a positive note, we have high winds on the south coast which meant the turbine produced enough energy during those periods to power the whole facility for those days! I think it would be fair statement to say we are the ‘greenest’ sports nutrition brand available.

The other 3 satellite sites provide storage for ingredients, tubs, lids, labels and the other components that are required for the manufacturing of Reflex Nutrition products. 

Next Image – Powder

Reflex factory 3

Moving to the new site was not just about creating new space but also giving us the opportunity to invest in new machinery to future proof the company as we progress. The new powder manufacturing  facility has increased our output by increasing the number of production lines as well as quicker and more efficient machinery. Early indications show we now have a 500% greater increase in capacity to manufacture powder. As we progress this means that the possibility for new products and flavour ranges is possible, which was a limitation at our old site.

Next Image – Capsules

Reflex factory 2

The capsule manufacturing area has also received an overhaul of new machinery to improve output and elevate quality control. Our newest, fully automated capsule line will output 90,000 capsules PER HOUR. This runs in conjunction with two semi automatic capsule lines which are capable of manufacturing 21,000 capsules per hour each. The image above also shows our newest edition to the Reflex Nutrition facility which is the blister packing line. Currently there are no products in our range which are blister packed but watch this space!

Next Image – Drinks

Reflex factory 1

The process of manufacturing drinks requires a different approach given the greater potential for bacteria growth. It encompasses a pasteurising unit which heats the product to 72 degrees and back down to room temperature within 15 seconds to ensure it does not denature the product. Currently we only have one product that we manufacture on this line, however, there are intentions to bring out further products in the near future.

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