Dorian Yates Nox-Pump: Reviewed By Josh

Written by  Josh Aghdam
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As promised my article this time round is on Dorian Yate’s Nox Pump. With Nox Pump being such a well known pre workout and widely talked about I decided to do a full month.

Before I tried Nox pump I’d say that Nox pump was one of the most talked about pre workout’s I’d ever come across, the reason being everyone that tried it in the past that I had met seemed to have almost the same thing to say, generally people would say its tastes worse than words can describe but is an awesome pre workout. So I was always interested in giving it a try to see if it really tasted than bad and to see if the effects really were that good. I will point that the Nox pump people were referring to was an old formula and it has since been reformulated. Even though its been reformulated the makers still seem to think that putting a warning on the packaging over the taste of the product was still very necessary.

Before taking the product I once again checked out the ingredients and formed my initial opinion that way, theres certainly a lot in there, but the main one’s that stand out are it has both Arginine and Citrulline to garner ‘the pump’, it has many stimulants and focus ingredients being Caffeine, Tyrosine, Taurine, Geranium root. Other stands out ingredients are it includes your BCAA’s and Creatine ethyl ester which is a nice touch.

The first time I took it I was at my parents house about to set off for the gym and with all the hype I warned them there was a chance I could be about to spit this drink out all over the tv so don’t say I didn’t warn you. I was shocked when it didn’t taste that bad and I would even consider it one of the better tasting pre workouts. I didn’t see this as a good thing though, I straight away was worried that if the taste had changed that much then maybe the quality of the product isn’t the same as it once was. An hour and half later that theory was out the window, I had trained like a machine, this stuff was awesome. For the full hour in the gym I was in the zone, I’d broke two Pb’s and felt great while doing it. As the workouts rolled on I was churning out more and more great sessions and over the months feel it’s been great, I’m training hard and will be looking forward to trying it again. I will also point out that unlike a lot of other pre workout I don’t feel it wear’s off the same way. Yes I never quite managed to get the same buzz as the first workout but if you expect that then your’e just being unrealistic. One thing I will point out is if you have plans after the gym I wouldn’t expect to be in the right mindset, I never feel quite right really until I’ve woke up the next day. Now for the score, the one pre workout that is up there with it is Ssin juice which is also superb and is in fact much better value but I’m not going to take value into the equation so with Nox pump being the best all round pre workout I’ve tried in my time it would only be fair if it received top marks.

Dorian Yate’ Nox Pump Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I’m still to decide what Pre workout to review next, I will let the forum decide I reckon.

Comments appreciated guys

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