Reflex Performance Matrix Review

Written by  Josh Aghdam
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Following on from my review of Ssin juice this time round I'll be reviewing Relex's Performance Matrix. I would have probably waited a few weeks to try performance matrix but a couple people recommended it after my last review. This time round I reviewed it for a week which was 5 workouts on this occasion.

I have never known anyone personally who had taken this product before me so didn't have any hearsay to base my initial opinion on it on. All I could do was look at the ingredients and form an opinion that way. Looking at the ingredients it has a lot of the main ingredients in there you'd expect to see, it's using Citrulline malate as its Nitric Oxide source, not a huge amount though (1,500mg), then of course the usual caffeine and Beta Alanine. It's focus ingredient source is taurine. One stand out thing about this product is the fact that it includes your branch chain amino acids to also get your recovery process started which I was impressed with. So from looking at the ingredients it looks a bit of an all rounder.
After a week of using Reflex's Performance Matrix I decided it wasn't the pre workout for me. I'd say it was a good product but not what I look for in a pre workout, I was right but it was an all rounder but it was a little to weak for me. The best way of describing it would be this, when I train its usually around 8pm after a hard days work and I feel like taking a nap, thats why pre workouts are key for me because once I use it I want to feel like a man possessed and once I reach the gym I want to feel so strong that I almost feel as if I could challenge the whole gym to a fight, win, then carry on my workout in peace. Using Performance Matrix I felt more like I had had a good nights sleep and I was up for training. I know thats what a lot of people are looking for. You feel good on this product but not completely wired and pumped which is what I like. I'd recommend this product to anyone that likes a pre workout that works but not going to make you ridiculously wired, It just wasn't for me.
In my personal opinion I give Performance Matrix 2 AND A HALF STARS
My next review will be on the well known Dorain Yate's Nox pump extreme.

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