Training for Muscle Gain (33)

The Modern Man Workout
Once upon a time, humans use to hunt and kill large prey, be physically admirable specimens able to sprint fast and lift heavy shit, while leisure time would involve social interaction with fellow humans and a roaring sex life. What's happened…
Reverse Pyramid Training for Extreme Size Gains
The conventional pyramid scheme used in bodybuiding sucks, and Reverse Pyramids are a new, undulated way of getting superior gains in hypertrophy from your training. Here's how to perform them best.
A Calls to Arms for Lifters
This is a calls to arms for lifters everywhere. It's time to toss the mainstream fitness mags in the trash, abandon the dogma surrounding old-school bodybuilding programs and get down to grassroots about the shit that actually builds hardcore muscle.
Triceps that Tear Sleeves
The Triceps get no love. Let's face it: when it comes to building large, sleeve-tearing guns, we've got it backwards. Everyone rushes out to hammer the biceps. This approach is neither optimal nor beneficial to sculpting huge arms.
5 Killer Leg Movements
Leg training: the one workout that truly separates the men from the boys. You can bench press your way to infinity, curl your damn arms off, but when it comes to putting together an effective leg training regime, you’ll find few…
Why You Should Train Like a Pro Bodybuilder
Pro bodybuilders’ training programmes are often seen as the blueprint for successful gains. In Part 1, we’ll examine the reasons why you should train like a professional bodybuilder.
The Classic Bodybuilder Split
There's a reason that this is the most popular bodybuilding split of all time, and the most successfully followed in gyms around the world: it works. It's almost guaranteed you've encountered this excellent, simple programme - or have you?!
The Perfect 3 Programme
They say that 3 is a magic number, and I’ve certainly found that to be the case with probably the most flexible, versatile programme ever invented. It’s as simple as push, pull and legs. Step inside to find out more.
5 Essential Truths to Strengthen Your Programme
Creating and implementing an effective training programme doesn’t have to be massively confusing and intimidating as some would have you believe. Use these 5 tips as the cornerstone of your workouts and success will become inevitable.
Dorian Yates HIT Workout Routine
When you talk about the word "intensity" in bodybuilding, a name that immediately springs to mind is Dorian Yates. Here are the workouts that made The Shadow a 6x Mr.Olympia and one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.
Big & Strong In a Hurry Workout
If you're in a rush to get big and strong, yet remain determined to keep a hardcore element to your training programme, then you're in luck. A simple, two-day split, guaranteed to add the poundage to your frame and lifts rapidly.
Build a Barn Door Back
Struggling to build the barn door back you aspire to possess? Try this comprehensive, attack-from-all-angles back blaster workout that follows a traditional bodybuilding style of torturing the muscles from each segment.
Determining Frequency : The Nerve Center
In the previous two articles we covered intensity and volume in relation to frequency of training. Now we look at the mechanisms responsible for recovery.
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