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A potent advanced fat burner that will help melt fat from your body, and supply you with mind blowing energy throughout the day. Ideal for anybody looking to strip away body fat for a leaner physique.

[Maximuscle] Thermobol Description

Fat burners are an effective way of taking you past a plateau experienced during dieting, alternatively if you’re struggling to burn those last few lbs of stubborn bodyfat.

Maximuscle thermobol has been one of the most popular thermogenic fat burners on the market for years and years! Manufactured to ISO9001/2 standards and every batch independently tested for unwanted contaminants, making them ideal for IOC tested athletes.

Reasonably low on stimulants (does contain caffeine) thermobol uses an in depth combination of active compounds that work together to achieve fat loss and weight reduction. Where some fat burners are glorified stimulant supplements, thermobol uses precise amounts of compounds such as green tea, bitter orange peel and many others to stimulate the body into a fat burning mode but also utilise stored fat for fuel. This means that not only are you burning calories at a quicker rate but most of them are coming from stored bodyfat also, doubling the impact of the fat burning process.

Based on solid research, thermobol doesn't over-exagerate results or claim to be a new cutting edge supplement, far from basic but not overly complex thermobol is an honest and truly effective fat burner. Ideal for anyone seeking to reduce bodyweight and bodyfat percentage in safest most long lasting method.

[Maximuscle] Thermobol Reviews


Tuesday, 08 November 2011
Personally, Thermobol does for me what I expected it to do - and that is, gives me the extra energy-kick I need at 5.30pm after work and I m heading for a 60-min weight-session or a 30-min run/cycle.
Previously, I d always relied on something carby or a sugary energy-drink to get me going, so Thermobol does this without any noticable side-effects at all: no headaches, no sweats, no buzz , no tingling and funnily enough, no sleepless nights.
I just get a not-knackered feeling 20mins after Ive taken a tablet.
Whatever weight (i.e. fat) reduction effect they have on me remains to be seen as I ve only been taking them for 7 days (2 per day, 8am and 4pm)

In this respect they work very well, so my rating is May Do Something , based on how your lifestyle is....but anyone taking them to purely shift fat without weight-training/cardio-training/balanced-diet eating is going to be confused or frustrated.

Carl Freemann
Sunday, 12 June 2011
Frankly I don t believe this type of thing makes any difference. The only way you could tell would be to maintain a bad diet and take these. Or you could take them during a diet phase when you ve stopped dropping weight. If you then lost weight it d prove the efficacy of the tablets. And if that were the case it would be a medical revolution. What Thermobol did for me was provide a massive energy boost Better than any other pre-workout formula. This might be because I don t take caffiene in any other form. I m wired for hours...,
Wednesday, 02 March 2011
I just started these tablets a couple of days ago, Taking 3 a day - 1 at 8am 1 at 12 and 1 at 4pm. i work 12 hours a day so i normally try and walk for an hour after work as between work and having 3 kids i don t have time to go to the Gym always.

My diet is consisting of - Fruit in the morning, Salad or soup in the afternoon with fruit and then dinner which changes. I have noticed the energy boost and hopefully the weight loss will come.. right now i am at a massive 19 stone - stopped smoke 2 years ago and its pilled on.

any tips ,
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