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The ultimate recomposition compound! Epistane aka EPI is a lean mass builder monster but also thanks to it s unique properties can assist fat burning simultaneously! The results speak for themselves a seriously potent supplement for male athletes!

[Pharma Labs] EPI (Caps 90) Description

Epistane is one of the most copied pro hormones in the world. The reason is clear, it is a powerful compound that delivers potent physique altering results on a consistent basis.

This androgenic yet strong anti-estrogenic pro hormone has the potential to deliver the results simply everyone is after, build lean muscle mass and burn bodyfat...at the same time! If your looking for the ultimate recompisition you have to use EPI as part of your supplement routine, the results are astounding allowing you to gain solid dry lean muscle mass with no bloating or water retention. What's even better is coupled with your progressive gains in lean muscle mass you will be hard pressed to put on bodyfat, if anything it is likely you will lose some during your cycle of EPI!

Pharma labs EPI is an incredibly strong PH with 10mg of epistane per capsule and has a unique property which is the ability to bind to androgen receptor sites 12x stronger then testosterone itself. With such great results experienced by almost everyone who has ever used epistane it is a remarkable pro hormone with an infamous and notorious reputation for epic results in terms of lean muscle accumulation, strength increases and in particular bodyfat reduction. Sounds almost perfect however it is a methylated PH so milk thistle is a must during cycle, however despite it still being classified as a methylated PH the actual toxicity levels are very low for an oral compound.

You simply won't believe the results that can be achieved by a safe and legal PH, just a 4 week cycle is enough to alter your aesthetics and physique completely leaving you a changed person at the end of it! What's even better is that this PH is low on side effects making it not only one of the most potent pro hormones around but one of the safest too!

Post Cycle Therapy is a must at the completion of your cycle and only male athletes above the age of 21 with 18 months of training experience should consider this potent lean muscle mass builder.

[Pharma Labs] EPI (Caps 90) Reviews


Tuesday, 04 October 2011
i started at 12.7 stone 13.4 BF after a 4 week course my BF dropped to 10.01 and weight 12.9. awsome stuff, has cust me up to death. looking forward to using again,
Wednesday, 07 September 2011
I Took it for a month , with postworkout supplement and mass gainer and did a quite good job . I went from 72 to 77,5 in a month even my diet wasnt that amazing everyday . (now on my PCT and already 75 kg / which is well depressing and I cant wait to take something else) I nearly had no side effects apart from single strong heart beating in first week and then specially after legs training i could feel my heart pumping for next few hours. I felt quite strong and self confident on that. I have impreoved my strenght alot and I kept it so far. I will be back on that def ...,

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