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The highest quality weight gainer on the market! suitable for athletes from a variety of sports and ideal for building lean muscle mass. Only the most premium grade carbohydrate and protein sources used making it the ideal choice for serious athletes!

[Reflex] Instant Mass Description


The humble weight gainer that is Instant Mass by Reflex Nutrition doesn’t imply radical weight gain and rapid accumulation of lbs of solid mass within weeks, it offers realistic gains of solid muscle! Most of these claims by mega-calorie weight gainers are simply untrue, only a certain threshold of muscle mass can be accumulated too many excessive calories will simply add weight in the form of bodyfat and water retention, and no athlete or fitness enthusiast wants this.

Instant mass isn't bombarding your body with excess calories from cheap sources of macro-nutrients, reflex only use and manufacture the highest possible quality nutrients available. By doing so and keeping the calories per serving to a moderate near 500kcal with over 50g of protein and just over 60g of low GI carbs, the mass you gain from instant mass is solid lean muscle!

Especially manufactured and calculated for bodybuilders and advanced athletes who are seeking to add more size to their frames with the minimal amount of bodyfat gained. Using an exquisite blend of undenatured proteins ranging from whey protein to egg albumen instant mass provides a fast hit of amino acids ensuring a constant state of anabolism and fast recovery coupled nicely with a continual stream of protein peptides to maintain positive nitrogen balance as well as ensuring you body stays as anabolic as long as possible.

Slow digesting carbohydrates such as oats and barley will minimise drastic rises and dips in blood sugar levels which is responsible for bodyfat accumulation as well as no good for energy levels. These low GI carbs will fuel anabolism and provide a sufficient amount of energy throughout the day also.

Fibre, naturally occurring vitamins and digestive enzymes complete this advanced weight gain formula making it the penultimate formula for lean mass!

[Reflex] Instant Mass Reviews


Wednesday, 23 February 2011
Have just finished first tub of this - i had Strawberry flavour - pretty awful taste at first but after 3-4 days it becomes quite normal as you get used to it - i would suggest adding 100ml extra water or milk to reduce thickness.
I actually lost half a stone over the 2 weeks using it but i had been burning a lot more calories at the gym than normal - weight is gradually starting to increase and have just purchased the big 5.4kg bag - better value for money 59.99.
Would recommend this product to anyone trying to build muscle rapidly - although i lost weight, i have increased muscle size and now have more definition. Will post more after completing this bag - should last 1 month.,
Sunday, 21 February 2010
gud job

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