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6 Brutal Squat Variations

When you hear the word "Squats!", most gym rats run for cover - only the hardcore lifters remain standing ready for war. If you fall into this category, here are 5 squatting variations to spice up leg day. Turn up the heat.

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014 00:00

5 Grueling Gym Lessons

There are 5 gruelling lessons I had to learn the hard way in the gym. There's nothing quite like failure; it sets the precedence for future success, and overcoming adversity in the weight room makes you unbreakable. Read on.

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Sunday, 05 May 2013 17:00

The Perfect 3 Programme

They say that 3 is a magic number, and I’ve certainly found that to be the case with probably the most flexible, versatile programme ever invented. It’s as simple as push, pull and legs. Step inside to find out more.

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Build a Barn Door Back

Struggling to build the barn door back you aspire to possess? Try this comprehensive, attack-from-all-angles back blaster workout that follows a traditional bodybuilding style of torturing the muscles from each segment.

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Why Cardio is Useless to Achieving Your Goals

Is cardiovascular the saving grace and necessity we fitness enthusiasts have been led to believe? Driven Sports' renowned researcher and sports nutrition expert Rob Clarke provides a shocking, more reasonable approach to the benefits cardio provides.

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Wednesday, 01 February 2012 15:42

Squats vs Deadlifts

Question: I'm finding it difficult to progress on both squats and deadlifts on a weekly basis. Is it plausible to sacrifice one for the other, and if so, which one should I pick to focus on and why?

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011 22:51

Your Training

So you want to start training. More specifically, you don't know where the hell to start. You've got goals, sure - perhaps a certain visual you're striving for, or a performance orientated goal.
Maybe it's Brad Pitt in Fight Club, or if you're a female, you want

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MMA shinpads vs Thai shinpads Review

Recently we've had a few people asking "which shinpads are best for MMA" if they're planning to buy some when just starting out in MMA. So i just thought I'd write a brief article on the pro's and con's of both of the major styles of shin-pads and which might be the most suitable for your training. 

Personally when training i prefer to use the Thai shinpads as i believe they offer the best amount of protection to me and my training partners, they are alot thicker than the MMA shinpads and offer alot more protection especially around the ankle and foot, however they do have their drawbacks when it comes to grappling in them as obviously they are alot bigger than the MMA pads it is very difficult to be going for submissions,sweeps etc....

This is where the MMA shinpads come in to play as you can still grapple in them (which is obviously a massive part of mma sparring) as they are very thin, kind of like a padded football sock but do still offer quite a bit of protection to the shin,ankle and foot.

So before i start rambling on, if your just getting in to the sport and will just be doing a specific MMA class then i would suggest using the MMA shinpads so you can still spar and not be too hampered as soon as it hits the mat, but  as soon as you get a bit more advanced or your planning on training all the different aspects of MMA separately eg: muay thai, BJJ,wrestling then i would invest in a good pair of Thai shinpads, as you dont really want to be doing  any hard sparring or muay thai in MMA shinpads as it will most likely result in an injury to you or your training partners

Thanks for reading guys and any questions or feedback would be appreciated    

Frank Dolphin   

BodyActive Bolton

 MMA Shinpads



   Twins dragon Thai shinpadsThai shinpads






For some this just might be the most important article you ever read. For me it was satisfying because it will possibly be as no bullshit as it gets. Those that liked and could relate to "The Marshmallow Test" will find a few similarities here.

Friends always come to me for nutrition and training advice and I always give them great advice, but I can never apply it to my own life! Why is that?
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By Lyle McDonald:


Ok, this is going to be long but I’m determined to wrap this up  today so I can write about something else on Friday.  Today I want to look at some of the different methods that have been used in an attempt to monitor and/or diagnose overtraining to catch it before it happens and then finish up by looking at what to do if overtraining occurs (even if you did your best to prevent it).  I’d note that the various methods I want to mention in terms of monitoring overtrianing should be used in addition to the general ‘rules’ I talked about in Overtraining, Overreaching and all the Rest Part 7.

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